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Register Licence


The Register screen allows you to register, amend and delete a fictional Bicycle Licence.

QLDB Demo Register

Fields are automatically populated initially with fake data, but they can also be overridden. Clicking the Create button will create a new record in QLDB for the particular licence including a BicycleLicenceCreated event. The data returned by QLDB is shown in the top right of the screen.

On the Register screen you are able to amend the details of the Bicycle Licence. This includes adding or removing penalty points, as well as updating contact details. Depending on the type of change being made, the following events may be created:

  • PenaltyPointsAdded
  • PenaltyPointsRemoved
  • ContactAddressUpdated

It is also possible on this page to delete a specific Bicycle Licence record, which results in a LicenceDeleted event.

Clicking on the latest button will take you to the History screen, to show the state of the full state of the licence record.