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Welcome to QLDB Guide

The QLDB Guide is a supplement to the main QLDB Developer Guide hosted by AWS. The developer guide acts as the definitive resource for anyone looking to get started with QLDB, and provides code snippets in the supported programming languages.

This resource is based on real world experience deploying QLDB in production systems. It looks to highlight:

  • Trade offs to take into account when designing and working with QLDB
  • Design patterns for how QLDB can integrate with various AWS services
  • Fully working end to end examples for common patterns

This resource also includes a live QLDB demo site to bring the core features of QLDB to life.

This resource is being continually updated. Please reach out with any updates or suggestions, or submit a pull request.


Data Modelling

  • Data Design - a look at considerations to take into account for modelling data in QLDB